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Legendary Sweets

The shearer of mythical beasts and purveyor of legendary sweets, the Floss King rules over the Floss Kingdom with his royal floss family. Throughout his kingdom live all the mythical beasts of fairy tales, including dwarves, the Golden Ram, the Yeti, and the magical unicorn. Armed with his golden sheers, the Floss King takes these majestic textiles to share with YOU, his loyal subjects.

Floss King gourmet cotton candy has everything you love and remember about cotton candy, but with a fantastical twist of unique flavors, toppings, and packaging. The Floss King can also flaunt his magical floss powers at your birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, conjuring a stream of floss from his majestic floss kettle, as though by magic. Contact us today to find out how we can bring magic to YOUR event!

Floss King is based in Manassas, Virginia and serves customers all over the DC Metro area.