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Floss King * Private Events

Private Events

The Floss King can flaunt his magical floss powers at your birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, conjuring a stream of floss from his majestic floss kettle, as though by magic. Contact us today to see how we can bring the magic to YOUR event!

Our basic Private Event package includes all the supplies needed to spin floss in one of our standard flavors or a customized flavor for 60–180 people (depending on which package you choose), plus the Floss King himself to spin the magic. Floss King will also bring a 10×10-foot tent (for outdoor events) and 6-foot serving table (unless you inform us ahead of time that you will have them available). 30 minutes set-up and clean-up time both before and after your event are also included in our package pricing.

MON-FRI RATE: $300 for the first hour + $150 each additional hour. SAT-SUN RATE: $400 for the first hour + $200 each additional hour. HOLIDAY RATE: Events occurring on a US federal holiday or Easter are $600 for the first hour + $300 each additional hour.
Events outside of Fairfax, Loudoun, or Prince William Counties will incur a travel fee of $75 per 15 miles. Events with 4 or more hours of driving time may also be subject to an overnight fee equal to the cost of a hotel stay plus $150.
Choose up to 3 flavors. Additional flavors may be requested for $25 each.
This answer is required if you are requesting a sprinkles & glitter bar, glow-in-the-dark cones, and/or prepackaged cotton candy glitter bombs.

Please provide Floss King with a flat ground surface measuring at least 6×6 feet for indoor events or 10×10 feet for outdoor events. Be sure this area is clear of furniture or other items. Indoor event spaces must be on the ground floor of the building unless there is elevator access to the event floor. The space for both indoor and outdoor events must be within 10 feet of a dedicated 3-prong electrical outlet whether indoors or outdoors, and should not be near an outlet that is being used for moonwalks, bounce houses, or other heavy machinery. If there is no direct electrical access for your outdoor event, please let us know ahead of time and we can bring a propane generator for an additional fee (see “Event Add-Ons” above). We will bring our own table and/or tent, unless you inform us ahead of time that you have them available for our use.

Some of Floss King’s ingredients are processed in facilities that also process peanuts. Please inform us if you have any guests with any food allergies and we will do our best to avoid those allergens, however, we cannot guarantee a completely allergen-free food product.

We love outdoor events, but the weather is always a factor outside of our control. If you are planning an outdoor event, you should know that humidity can affect the quality of cotton candy, including density, melt time, and spin time. For best results, an alternative indoor location may be preferable on high humidity days.

Floss King also reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any outdoor event if we determine the weather conditions are too dangerous to operate in. We will offer a full refund or credit toward a future event should a cancelation occur due to dangerous weather, but refunds will not be given if you cancel with less than 7 days’ notice due to less-than-desirable weather that is still safe for us to operate in (see “Refunds & Cancelations” below).

If you cancel your event seven (7) or more days prior to the event date, you may opt for either a refund of 85% of the amount of the total cost of your event or a full credit toward a future event, subject to date availability. If you cancel your event fewer than seven (7) days prior to the event date, no refunds will be given, but you will receive a full credit toward a future event, subject to date availability.

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