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Floss King * Flavors


Caramel Apple

Most people think that caramel apples are just regular apples covered in caramel, but they don’t realize that they actually originated in the Floss Queen’s magic orchard! Seeking a way to combine the rich flavor of caramel with the fresh taste of apple, the Floss Queen developed a new variety of apple tree with caramel sap that deposits the caramel right on the apple. It is this apple that the Floss King uses for his caramel apple floss. All of the other caramel apples flavors are just a mere imitation—give the Floss King’s original caramel apple flavor a spin!

Cheshire Cat

While journeying through the Floss Kingdom, the Floss King happened upon a shining white grinning mouth with two eyes atop it, and nothing else! Instinctively, he grabbed his trusty shears and snipped at the air, revealing the grinning Cheshire Cat before him, sporting a new poodle cut,. The cat grinned even bigger before vanishing in a poof of purple smoke. The Floss King gathered up the fallen fur and spun it into a delightful purple cotton candy that tastes like grapes if they could sparkle.

Christmas Stardust

Long ago, a few wise men followed the light of a star to find a baby who would change the world forever. They brought with them gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh—and brought back with them the dust from that star, filled with that particular magic that brings hope to all the world. That stardust has been passed down for generations until it came to the Floss King, who now spins it into a floss flavored with the warmth of chocolate and excitement of peppermint, as he shares the hope of Christmas with all.

Dragon’s Breath

Long before he was the Floss King, his royal sweetness was known as the Floss Knight, whose acts of bravery were known far and wide. That is what lead him to tame the Floss Dragon to win the favor of the woman he loved. Upon his arrival, the Floss King discovered he could harness the dragon’s breath and conjure sweet and spicy cotton candy from it! While Dragon’s Breath is not for the faint of heart in all of its spicy glory, the Floss King can tame its flavor to deliver a sweet mango cotton candy.

Dwarf’s Beard

It is a little-known fact that dwarves pick up flecks of gold after a hard day of working in the mines beneath the Floss Kingdom. When the Floss King discovered this, he had to have the beard of one of the cheerful dwarves to spin in his kettle (it is also a little-known fact that their beards are made of chocolate!). The result was a delicious chocolate candy floss speckled with delightful, decadent gold dust.

Fairy Floss

Among the many creatures that inhabit the magical Floss Kingdom are the fairies, who are hard at work spinning and weaving heaps of Fairy Floss in luminous pink vanilla and blue raspberry. What makes their cotton candy stand apart from the regular kind spun by humans? Why it’s the way it shimmers in the light!

Freedom Floss

The Floss Kingdom is an ally for America, whose foundation of freedom sounds pretty sweet. That’s why to celebrate America’s birthday, the Floss King managed to capture a piece of celebratory fireworks to spin into glowing cotton candy. It turns out that freedom actually tastes like birthday cake.

La Chococabra

Not to be confused with the cryptozoological beast who terrorizes livestock, the Chococabra is in fact a sweet little goat who wanders around the southern part of the Floss Kingdom. The Floss King’s shepherds carefully watch over the precious flocks, and every spring, their chocolatey, cinnamon-y pelts are shorn into a cotton candy reminiscent of a chocolate churro.

Magic Apple

Within the Floss Kingdom’s enchanted forest grows a tree that produces magical green apples. The magic is revealed when the apples are spun by the Floss King’s majestic floss kettle. With a flick of his wrist, the Floss King can make the apples taste sweet, sour, or just like an apple pie. All it needs is a magic word from a cotton candy enthusiast like you!

Royal Honey

After failing to sheer the delicious fuzz off the Queen Floss Bee, the Floss King discovered he could spin her majestic honey into delicious cotton candy! Made from real honey and cane sugar and formulated to premiere at the Manassas Bee Festival, Royal Honey cotton candy is a fresh take on a timeless confection.

Santa’s Beard

The Floss King is always on Santa’s “Nice” list, and each year, like millions of other families, the Floss King takes care to put out milk and sugar cookies as a thank you to Santa for bringing Christmas cheer. And each year, Santa leaves a special treat for the Floss King: a bit of his beard, infused with Christmas magic and cookie dust. Following in the footsteps of Santa, the Floss King spins up this magic each Christmas in order to share the cheer with all the young (and young at heart) in his kingdom.

Witch’s Broom

While pursuing a witch who used her candy house to lure unsuspecting children to their doom, the Floss King was delighted to discover that her last two victims, Hansel and Gretel, had managed to outwit her. For their quick-thinking, the Floss King rewarded them with the magic broom the witch had left behind, but not before taking a few glowing strands for himself. When spun into candy floss, the broom has the unmistakable flavor of caramel apple.

Yeti Fur

Once upon a time, the Floss King was seized with the idea of spinning snowflakes into cotton candy. Of course, only the purest snow would do, and so he went to the “abode of the snow”—the Himalayas—to find a snow that was up to the task. What he didn’t expect to find, however, was a shy, mellow creature—could it be? Why, yes—it was the Yeti! Far from being abominable, he was actually quite adorable, and happy to lend a bit of its marshmallow flavored pelt for the Floss King’s next floss flavor.

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